How to Compare Dental Insurance Options?

Written by , April 5, 2011

How to Compare Dental Insurance OptionsDental insurance comes in a variety of plans. Each plan offers different options that range from coverage waiting periods, co-payments and approved providers. Here’s some advice on why it can be somewhat confusing when comparing dental insurance options. Do you choose a PPO, HMO or Indemnity plan? How much insurance do you really need? And where can you find a provider that takes your insurance.

What about discount plans? While you can purchase discount dental plans through a traditional insurance provider you can also purchase dental discount plans at many dentist offices. Dental discount plans offer members the ability to receive discounts on dental care. These discounts can be upwards of fifty percent and can save you a lot of money. However, they’re generally very restrictive about which providers you can see.

Here is advice on how to compare dental insurance options.

  • How Choosy Are You About Your Dentist? If you are very choosy about who you want to work on your teeth and provide dental care, a PPO generally offers a more comprehensive list of dentists. This means it’ll be easier for you to find a dentist you like within your dental plan. An indemnity plan lets you choose whomever you wish to see for dental care as well.
  • How Urgent is Your Need? If you have an urgent dental need then you might consider a dental discount plan. Most dental insurance policies have a waiting period before they cover many procedures including fillings.
  • How Tight is Your Budget? If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a fortune on dental insurance but you do want the coverage it provides you might consider an HMO. They generally offer the least expensive monthly premiums. However, they’re more restrictive about who your dental health providers are. There are fewer participating dentists with an HMO.
  • What Are Your Dental Needs? How much dental care do you need or do you anticipate needing? For example, if you only need regular cleanings then you might choose an indemnity plan or even a dental discount plan. However, if you know that you or your family members may need extensive dental work including orthodontics you might choose an HMO or a PPO which offers that type of coverage.
  • Before you choose your dental insurance compare your needs and options. If you have a favorite dentist, consider speaking with them about the insurance policies they participate with. You might also speak with the office manager to inquire about their experiences with dental insurance companies.

    Dental insurance can save you a lot of money. Compare based on your present and future needs. Look into your options and make the decision that is right for you.

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