How to Successfully Fight an Insurance Claim

February 1, 2011

How to Successfully Fight an Insurance ClaimGetting denied on an insurance claim can be a frustrating ordeal, especially if you know that you are right in making the claim. It’s not a perfect world, and often you need to fight with the insurance company to get the payout that you believe you are due.

It takes patience and proper planning to fight an insurance claim. If you truly believe the insurance company did not settle the claim for the right amount, there are steps you can take to press your case.

The type of insurance does not matter, as long as you have the coverage. Health insurance, homeowners’ insurance and car insurance all have different policies and procedures for executing and subsequently approving or denying claims.

If you have been denied on a claim, here is advice on how to get the decision reversed.

  • Documentation is extremely important. If you have been in an accident, get a police report, even if the accident is not serious. Having the police involved will help the car insurance company take your claim more seriously. If you have a medical procedure done, make sure you have prior approval from your insurance company in writing before the procedure is done. Documentation is one of the key components to filing a successful claim.
  • If you are denied, call customer service right away. Have them explain the situation to you and send you a document that lists the reason(s) for denial. Once you have that documentation, compare it to your policy and the prior documents listed above. Sometimes all it takes is a simple call to customer service to resolve the issue.
  • If customer service is not helpful at all, you will most likely need to file an appeal. Use the aid of a lawyer to file the appeal as they are very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. In case of a success, the insurance company will oftentimes have to foot the bill for any out-of-pocket expenses in fighting the claim. Lawyers will often include these costs directly in the claim itself.
  • Keep track of all paperwork and use it in fighting your battle. Mistakes are made on behalf of the insurance company and sometimes when confronted with direct proof of coverage, they will pay your claims and reverse the denial.
  • Fighting an insurance claim can take a bit of time and cause frustration. Documentation is one of the most important aspects of filing an insurance claim whether it’s a homeowners’, car insurance or medical issue. If you are not satisfied after a call to customer service, contact a lawyer or other agency for outside help in fighting your claim. Oftentimes the fees are included in the lawsuit and will not cost you any money out of pocket.

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