Top Tips for Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Written by , March 14, 2011

Tips for Filing a Homeowners Insurance ClaimHaving the right homeowners insurance policy can provide you the relief and support you want in your time of need. Knowing what to do with that policy once it has been secured can be the real challenge.

The trouble for most people comes when it is time to use that insurance policy. Knowing the top tips for filing an insurance claim can help you avoid issues and get right to the financial relief you have paid for.

If your property has sustained damage from fire, flooding, wind, water, mold, theft, and any other disasters then you must be aware of how to proceed.

Knowing the correct way to file your insurance claim is critical to ensure you get the coverage you have paid for.

  • Start before you have trouble. Be sure to read over your homeowners insurance policy when you make the original purchase and any changes that come after that. Knowing what is covered will help you make a stand when it comes time to filing a claim.
  • Keep detailed records. Make a list of all your possessions in the home (including identification numbers, name brands or other markings) and all important information of other insured possessions. The more information you have to start with, the easier it will be to file a claim if something happens.
  • Know whom to contact. Most people automatically contact the insurance company claim number, but that could be the wrong move. It may be better to get an appraisal on repairs before considering the option of filing. Any time the insurance adjustment agent comes out to look at a situation, it may end up showing as a claim even if nothing is paid out. That could cause insurance rates to go up in the future.
  • Take lots of pictures. The more documentation you have when you file a claim, the stronger your case for getting paid.
  • Write it all down. Take notes when you are talking to anyone with the insurance company. Keep extra copies of all appraisals. Get copies of police reports. Remember that you are building a case in support of getting paid for what you have endured.
  • Be honest. Never try to tell a lie or even a half-truth in order to get an insurance payment. The truth will come out, and then you may be found guilty of fraud, have your insurance revoked or much worse.
  • Try to protect from future damage. Put a tarp over holes, separate out undamaged property and take other measures to secure the insured items from damage. An insurance company may not pay for damages that result from negligence after the fact.
  • Stand your ground. If you know what is right, refuse to accept less than what you deserve (but do not let greed overshadow rights). Contact a lawyer to push the issue if the insurance company rejects your claim.
  • Filing an insurance claim is not a difficult process. Filing a claim that gets paid in the end may take a little more effort. Know your rights and understand your policy. Keep detailed records. Be honest and stand your ground. These are some of the top tips for filing your insurance claims and getting paid for what you file.

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