Your Medical Insurance Coverage

June 10, 2009

Almost everyone knows the importance of having health insurance. They take action towards acquiring some sort of plan for their family, often thinking they have enough coverage. It’s quite common, however, to arrive in a critical medical situation only to find your insurance does not cover what is necessary.

There are different kinds of health insurance available to you. The term itself refers broadly to insurance which pays for medical expenses. Some insurance plans may cover disability or long-term nursing care, as well as custodial care. Other options could include government sponsored programs falling under the social services spectrum, or benefits received from any of the major private insurance companies.

Some larger firms will purchase a group plan to cover all of their employees. Then again, there are other people who must purchase their own policy. Each of these scenarios has one thing in common: to help people pay for unexpected or overly high medical and healthcare expenses employees may run into. There are similar benefit plans provided to people through government social welfare programs.

Your insurance policy will list which benefits are covered. Any uncovered medical care will need to be paid for out-of-pocket. It may be prudent on your part to verify with your insurance company beforehand whether the procedure or prescription your doctor recommends is covered. It’s always important to read your insurance policy. It will provide you with all of the information in reference to what is covered and what isn’t. There is also the possibility your doctor may need to contact your insurance company in writing before they will approve your prescription.

Any questions regarding your plan and what is covered should be directed to you insurance company. Ask your representative to explain it clearly to you to make sure you understand.

Keep in mind it isn’t your doctor who decides what medications are paid for, but your insurance company.

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