Get in Control of Your Health Care Insurance Costs – Arm Yourself With Knowledge

Written by , August 1, 2012

Get in Control of Your Health Care Insurance Costs With KnowledgeRising health care costs should be a concern of every individual. Even if you’re currently in good health and have an affordable health insurance premium, you know that things can change. As health care becomes more of a politically charged issue, there’s an even greater degree of uncertainty as to how things will be in the future. An insurance policy that was once affordable may quickly become too expensive as laws and regulations change.

What follows are some ways to take control of your health care costs – all of them involve doing some research and educating yourself. Use this information to make better decisions going forward about how you can take control over your health care costs.

  • What Do You Pay For Insurance? In order to get in control of your health care bill, you need to know your current state of affairs. The first step, of course, is to identify your monthly health-insurance premiums. Take a look at your latest paystub if you have insurance through your employer, but don’t know exactly what you pay. Research similar policies with other insurance companies to see if you could save money by switching.
  • What Do You Pay For Other Health Care Items? Now look at other health-insurance costs you’ve incurred over the past six months or year. What are the co-pays and deductibles on your plan? What have you paid for any medications or over-the-counter drugs? What have you paid for other types of health care that aren’t covered by your insurance, such as visits to the chiropractor or alternative health practitioners? Did you have to take any unpaid sick days from work? Could you reduce any of these costs by selecting a different type of health insurance?
  • How is Your Current Health? Taking control of your health care costs also involves looking towards the future. You want to be fully aware not just of what you’ve spend money on in the past, but what you may have to spend money on in the future. While it’s impossible to anticipate accidents or other injuries, you should be able to make some reasonable assumptions about the direction of your overall health, and make your insurance decisions accordingly.
  • Are You Tracking Your Health Over Time? A good way to track your health is by having tests done each year. This doesn’t necessarily mean a regular checkup at your doctor, which might not be covered by your health-insurance plan, and could be rather expensive. Instead, look for local health fairs (often sponsored by churches, civic organizations or local television stations), where you can get a thorough examination, including detailed blood work, for a low fee. By having these tests done every year, or even every six months, you can identify areas of your health that may be of future concern.
  • Perhaps the most effective way to take control of your health care costs is to improve your health. If you can keep yourself healthy and remain at a relatively low risk for chronic illnesses, then your health care bill will be much lower.

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